A tribute to my brother From his smart Ďlittleí, better-looking brother Jimmy!

These are older pictures.
My brother sometimes has a pony tail
and is occassional mistaken for Steven Seagal or
a drunken pony ... (only kidding!)

Actually, some think heís nuts! Heís one of the most intelligent people youíll ever meet in this lifetime.. Heís accomplished more things than any 100 people I've met. He manages to get around, travel and do things like a millionaire ... minus the funding.

Heís always there, for his friends and his family.
I've seen him hand the last buck in his pocket to a stranger.
I've seen him go to the defense of those not capable in a heartbeat.

Thatís my brother! Totally outrageous. Always involved in the strangest projects!
Younger, he wasn't that shabby looking
(but of course, not as good looking as me and his other brother Joey).
He used to attract women.
Now that heís older, he attracts gay guys and several new species
of women that are scaring my mom!
(Iím just kidding, but its true). Hereís some of his photos. Momís digging through
the clippings and checking the post office for the more outrageous!

This is also my first web page! If you don't like it, I'll have to kill you.

Now Brother, you have to do one for me!
love Jimmy, the better looking brother!

I think he was checking the air on the one in the middle !!!

This is what he looks like now ... pretty freaken scarey .. heh ????